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involves a Japanese gang that is interfering with Vanel's efforts all the e movie has a tone of world-weariness, fatality, the last chance, neurosis, greed, and obsession, depending on the character and situation. The baby isn't his, the reporter learns from his doctor friend Lydia Franzi, as he is quite sterile. Then, Omar Sharif crops up as Ala Hou, the desert sheikh who rescues Marco from captivity at the hands of Akim Tamiroff as the golden masked Old Man of the Mountain. When the door is opened, it tries to gain entry into the room; when its closed, it returns to where it came from.

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Could it be that the alive are more dangerous than the dead? Amira whips the hero's love interest and ends up being eaten by one of her own pet tigers. The famous car champion John Scott stops racing after a serious accident on the runway caused the death of several people but decided to stay in the lap of the race as an instructor. ADD TO shopping cart moving target (1967)- Jason is a thief coming back in Greece to pass some years in jail. Rare Eurospy film with Jean marais and Marisa mell! They refuse to help the planet with the force of arms in many ways surpasses the force of morality. Loosely based on the notorious Richard Speck murders, this is the grim tale of a disturbed Vietnam vet returning home via Belfast, who invades a house shared by eight nurses and proceeds to terrorize and murder them. gay homo montelimar black gay bite

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